We put together this FAQ to help you better understand how MF1 co-living works. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact us at hello(@)mf1-emden.com

2. Can I visit MF1 before moving in?

You can book a tour to visit MF1. Please contact us at hello(@)mf1-emden.com. You can see all the common areas and only free rooms to respect our colivers privacy.

3. What’s included in my rent?

The rent will cover your fully furnished private room, gas, electricity, heat, hot water, WiFi, GEZ, weekly cleaning of the common areas. We consolidate any/all fees you would pay with a typical rental into one. We take confusion out of renting. No bad surprises.

4. Are pets allowed?

We love pets (especially cats and dogs) but unfortunately we have a no-pet policy because of possible allergies of other members.

5. Are couples allowed?

Couples are allowed to rent our double room or suite!

6. Is rent negotiable?

While the rent is non negotiable, we have numerous options with prices that vary based on roomy type and length of stay.

7. What are my potential roommates?

We can provide basic information like gender, school or occupation, and any other general details they may have shared with us. We want to tell you as much as possible, but we respect the roommates’ privacy.

8. How many people are sharing bathrooms and kitchens?

Usually, 2-5 people are sharing showers and kitchens.

9. How does the application process work?

It starts with your online application. In case we have a free room, we will invite you for a Video call or face to face meeting (in case you are in Emden already) with our House Representative. After our pre-selection, you will be invited to talk to one of our co-living members. In the end, we take the decision together.

10. What is the security deposit for?

A security deposit is used to ensure the safety of our units and our members during a member’s stay. The deposit is held as a safety measure, and returned within 14 days after moving out, assuming there is no damage to the room or furniture.

11. How long are leases?

Our current lease terms are flexible and range usually anywhere from 3-6 months.

12. Can I extend my lease after it ends?

Yes! 45 days before your lease ends, you will receive an email from management providing the option to extend your lease. You can renew your lease for 3-6 more months, at your current location, or you can choose to move to another location in our inventory for no additional fees.

13. Are the kitchens fully equipped (pans, dishes etc.)

Yes! And if you realize that something is missing, just let us know!

14. How does the weekly cleaning work?

Once a week, a cleaning crew will clean the shared spaces and bathrooms thoroughly. Bedroom cleanings also occur, but only bedroom cleanings prior to your move in and after you move out.

15. Can I add/remove things from my room?

Although you cannot remove any items from the room, you can personalize the space however you and your roommates see fit! All additions just need to be removed upon move-out and no damages can be made in the process.

16. Who can I contact about maintenance issues?

We take care of all maintenance related issues. Our House Representative or Customer Service will assist you! Please email hello(@)mf1-emden.com

18. Is there a garage or parking spaces?

MF1 has no garage or parking area. Residents can park in public areas specially designated for parking. We advise our members to contact the relevant municipality or citizens' office for more information about this.

19. Can I invite a friend or friends?

Residents are required to inform their housemates if they wish to invite friends. Of course, the company of these friends should not create a disturbance to the life of the community within the house. Your friends cannot live in your room and cannot stay for more than 5 days per month (whether consecutively or not).

20. Can I bring my own furniture?

You wont need to. All rooms are completely furnished. Therefore, we would rather you didn't bring your own furniture.

21. Can I decorate my room?

You are free to personalise your room, so long as you do not damage the walls, floors or other surfaces.

22. Am I covered by insurance?

MF1 insured against fire hazard, natural disasters and glass breakage. However, this insurance does not include theft and does not cover personal belongings.

23. Will you have tours at my apartment?

Yes, our Sales team will need to occasionally access your apartment to show the apartment to potential new members when/if there is a vacant room. You will be notified in advance so you are aware and can plan accordingly. You should never be caught off guard or surprised by a staff member accessing your apartment without warning.